Umphrey's McGee Heavy Metal Hats Debut at Red Rocks on Stephen Colbert!

Umphrey's McGee Heavy Metal Hats Debut at Red Rocks on Stephen Colbert!

When Umphrey's McGee approached us to do merch for their 2023 tour, we knew that we wanted to do something different than what had been done in the past. The mission was clear: create stylish and timeless corduroy hats that would resonate with both fans and fashion enthusiasts.

Corduroy, with its distinctive texture and durability, was the perfect canvas for Rainbox to work its magic. The collaboration aimed to bring together the band's love for heavy metal and Rainbox's craftsmanship in designing hats that tell a story.

The Logo

One of the standout features of these exclusive corduroy hats is the custom heavy metal logo created specifically for Umphrey's McGee. Rainbox took the band's love of metal and channeled it into a unique and iconic emblem. This metal logo not only represents the band's musical roots but also adds a touch of edginess to the hat's design.

Ryan Stasik on the Stephen Colbert Show

We were beyond thrilled when we saw Umphrey's McGee's bass player, Ryan Stasik, proudly wearing our heavy metal Umphreys hat on the Stephen Colbert show recently. Check it out below:

Where to Get the Hats

You can find these hats in the merch booth during Umphrey's concerts, but if you can't make the show this year, check out the online merchandise store for Goose. If you're a die-hard Goose fan or simply someone who appreciates unique fashion pieces, you'll want to get your hands on these custom ripstop hats before they sell out!