Third Eye Smiley Camper Hat

A modern style and design that simply can't be beat.

Our Third Eye Smiley Camper hat allows you to rock a bold fashion statement around the city, or tackle even the toughest of adventures out in the wild. This Third Eye Smiley design is an ode to our love for the constant growth in expanding one's consciousness. So whether in the wilderness or at a festival seeing your favorite band, go seek that adventure.

  • Wool / Polyester Material
  • Chenille Embroidered Patch
  • Low Crown Camper Fit
  • Nylon Webbing Clasp

Modern Style & Fit

Modern Custom Camper Hat

Officially Licensed

Built To Last

1% For The Planet

Recyclable Packaging

Easy Returns

Technology & Features


Guaranteed to Last

We custom build our hats with high quality corduroy that will handle any situation you throw at it. These are indestructible hats that your grandkids will find in your closets decades from now.

Easy Returns

Perfect Fit Guarantee

We stand by our work & if you are not 100% satisfied with the fit of this hat, we will gladly accept your returns & exchanges.

Box of Rain

Hidden Lyrics

Want to know the hidden meaning of the words we write on the inner taping of the hat? Try to figure out why we named our company Rainbox and it will give you a good clue!


Do your corduroy hats fit a small or large head?

Our corduroy hats have structure built into them so that they won't sag over time. The structure makes the crown sit slightly higher than an unstructured hat. Additionally, our corduroy hats run slightly large so that they will fit people with medium to large heads perfectly.

How can I clean and care for my corduroy hats?

Can I bend the brim of your corduroy hats?

Yes, you can absolutely bend the brim slightly. We don't recommend doing a complete u-shaped bend, but instead we recommend giving it a slight bend if you prefer a bent brim over a flat bill.

What is your return policy?

See our return policy here.